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The Best Solution to the Number One Building
Maintenance Challenge!

Dirty, unsanitary restrooms are consistently the number one building maintenance complaint. 
The KleenLine™ Pro Versa cleaning caddies are no-touch cleaning systems designed to remove the maximum amount of bio pollution. Each machine combines automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor pressure washer, and a powerful wet vacuum into an integrated system. This combination allows workers to thoroughly clean without touching contaminated surfaces.

KleenLine Pro Versa machines include the KaiTutor™, an onboard training and documentation system that solves the training dilemma! With KaiTutor™, users can learn at their own pace—anytime, anywhere!  


How Does KleenLine Pro Versa Work?

The KleenLine Pro Versa can tackle just about any surface in any facility type. It effectively and ergonomically cleans while protecting staff from coming into contact with harsh chemicals. Designed for soil and bacteria removal, the KleenLine Pro Versa can be paired with WAXIE Solution Station® cleaning products to ensure fresh solution and rinse water, which prevents cross-contamination resulting in clean, safe, and healthy building environments.


Cleaning restrooms take 1/3 the amount of time with the KleenLine Pro Versa systems than it would with traditional cleaning methods, and the results are astronomical! 




According to a recent scientific study, the KleenLine Pro Versa no-touch cleaning process was 60 times more effective at removing bacteria and other biohazardous contaminants than mopping. Rather than push the dirt and germs around, the system allows for rinse and full removal of all soil and chemicals with the use of the vacuum.


Areas of Use

1. Restrooms

Completely removes contaminants to eliminate odors and reduce the risk of disease. The system offers the first way to sanitize a restroom without ever touching contaminated surfaces or crawling in front of toilets and urinals. 

2. Kitchens

This system gets the grease out of the grout line and from behind stoves and other equipment. It ensures fresh solution and rinses water, preventing cross-contamination from restrooms to food areas. The results are clean, safe and healthy kitchens.

3. Classrooms

KleenLine Pro Vesa can handle virtually any cleaning assignment. This system supports an array of quick-connecting components to tackle all kinds of cleaning challenges, including vac-dusting, vacuuming, washing floors and walls, erasing chalkboards and dry boards, picking up vomit and spills, cleaning lockers, and more. 

4. Hallways

The wide area squeegee enables no-touch cleaning to deep clean floors in a way that actually extends the life of floor finish, while improving air quality. The process — spray on, vacuum off — allows the finish-friendly cleaning solution to penetrate and float soils for easy removal.  

5. Stairwells

Stair treads, handrails, ceilings, walls, corners, and stairwells are a haven for soils and bacteria. Unlike dust and wet mops that can easily transfer these diseases via various touch points, KleenLine Pro Versa deep cleans with a spray gun, brush, and blower. Workers then simply suction up the soiled solution at the bottom of the stairwell. 

6. Carpets

Quickly converts into a complete carpet care machine for vacuuming, extracting, and spotting. It can also be converted into an extractor for cleaning carpet and upholstery or a carpet spotter for fast stain removal during routine rounds.

A Perfect Combination
Safety, Accuracy, Flexibility and Cost Control

Combined, the KleenLine Pro Versa and WAXIE Solution Station 3-liter bottles of superconcentrates dispense ready-to-use solutions for all types of applications in restrooms, kitchens, healthcare, schools, and more, provide unparalleled end-user flexibility to customize a dilution control dispensing system designed to meet the needs of any institutional or industrial cleaning application.

Solution Station-horz.LOGO_NEW

Benefits of Solution Station

Safety: The closed-loop system and spill-resistant bottles help ensure no chemical contact. Permanently secured inserts create a tamper-resistant system.

Accuracy of Dilution: The metering tip is safely locked away in the concentrate bottle using a color-coded closed-loop insert to prevent tampering with the dilution ratio and to maintain end-user cost per usable gallon.

Filter: Built-in filter prevents contamination of chemical injector, pump, and spray gun.


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