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Expertly Designed for Professionals

The KleenLine™ Pro 12UE Upright Vacuum is designed to deliver value to your facility maintenance program on every conceivable level.
KleenLine™ Pro is an exclusive Envoy Solutions product line for the Facility Care market. The wide range of products enables customers to meet
budget and cleaning objectives and solve all cleaning challenges from the simplest to the most complex. KleenLine™ Pro provides quality tools and
solutions that are built to withstand the demands of the professional and assist with doing the job more effectively and efficiently.

KleenLine™ Pro 12UE Brings:

Product Features
  • Maximum Performance
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Intuitive Use
  • LEED O+M Compliance
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Versatility
Sustainable Benefits
  • CRI Gold Level Seal of Approval/Green Label Certified
Complementary Accessories
  • 100-Hour filtration kit includes WAVE-LOK® microfiltration bags, motor filter, and HEPA filter
  • WAVE-LOK® microfiltration bag refills

1. Handle

Enclosed handle allows a relaxed grip during operation.

2. Built-in Extension Hose

Built-in extension hose and wand make above-the-floor cleaning a snap.


Patented WAVE-LOK® ensures secure bag installation every time. WAVE-LOK also ensures easy bag removal, even if overfilled.

4. Brush Adjustment

Brush adjustment dial on the base allows for instant carpet pile adjustments.

5. Chevron-style Brush

Chevron-style brush is built for tough commercial use, and is easily removed for replacement.

6. Wheels

Shock-absorbing wheels keep the vacuum quiet on rough surfaces.

7. Height Adjustment

The handle is adjustable for different height operators.

8. Pig Tail Cord

“Pig tail” type cord connection makes changing power cord easy.

9. Mechanical Clutch

A mechanical clutch protects the drive belt from breaking if the brush gets jammed.

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