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Meet KleenLine!

We’re proud to announce the exclusive KleenLine product line, which focuses on the “right” way to clean.
At KleenLine, we believe that’s doing it with pride. This doin’ it right philosophy—along with the right products and training—enables you and your crew to maintain clean, safe spaces.

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Markets We Serve


Innovative cleaning solutions and facility supplies to ensure a healthier and safer building occupant experience.


Supplies, equipment, maintenance programs, and expertise to fully optimize packaging processes.


A wide range of supplies, equipment, and disposables for operating foodservice facilities.


A full suite of marketing operation services to help design, develop, procure, and distribute your brand assets.


Industry Experts Ready to Support


Distribution Centers Across the USA


Customer Locations Served


Vehicles Delivering Locally

Our Approach

We work hard to help our customers and their teams solve the most demanding industry challenges with the most effective products and solutions.
Here’s how we do it…


Your success depends on an efficient supply chain. We deliver consistent quality, ensure product availability, and add value, even as markets shift.


We deliver a full range of tailored business solutions that make it easy to achieve your goals and meet your unique business needs. Whatever they may be.


We’re a team of industry experts focused on providing real insights and recommendations to help take your business to the next level.


We’re always ready to roll up our sleeves and help you get the job done. We’re not just a catalog or online resource—we’re a hands-on extension of your team, and we take pride in helping YOU succeed.


We’re your problem-solver, clarifying your goals and customizing solutions that energize your enterprise, one that improves efficiency and lowers costs.

The Best Regional Brands in the Nation

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Envoy Solutions is a specialized distributor and solution provider serving the U.S. market through a family of the nation’s best distributors and specialty marketing solutions. Our focus is in jan-san, foodservice, packaging, and marketing execution. By combining our strengths, capabilities, and geographic footprint, and with the support of our parent company FEMSA – a global leader in production, retail, and logistics – we’re well-positioned as the premier specialty distribution platform in the United States.


Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

With our expertise and collaborative solutions, we’ll improve productivity in your facilities and help create cleaner, safer, and healthier operations.
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