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Comfort You Can Count On the GoFit Series by ProTeam


Meet the newest commercial backpack vacuum from ProTeam engineered to deliver maximum productivity and efficiency. Experience customized comfort, advanced filtration and improved cord management making these units the premium choice for cleaning professionals.

Four Different Models - Available in the new 3-qt plus the popular 6-qt, 6-qt PLUS, and 10-qt.

Improved Ergonomics - Engineered to fit a wide range of users, the GoFit Series features a quick-adjust and interchangeable harness. 

Cleaning for Health® - Discover advanced filtration with the vacuums’ four layers of ProLevel Filtration® System.


From Fit to Function, GoFit Gives You More


Higher Education - With its lightweight design and powerful suction, the GoFit Series makes cleaning campuses, classrooms, stadiums and dorms easy, ensuring a healthy environment for students and faculty alike.

Contract Cleaning - The GoFit Series’ ergonomic profile, exceptional maneuverability and versatility is the ideal choice when tackling large commercial spaces and saving valuable time on cleaning tasks.


Restoration - The GoFit 10-qt makes the perfect restoration companion when eliminating large or small debris from job sites. The vacuum’s quick-adjust harness also ensures ease for extended wear.

Residential Technicians - The smallest ProTeam backpack vacuum, the GoFit 3-qt is a game-changer for industry professionals. It’s reduced profile and high performance plus versatile attachments is essential for achieving clean and healthy homes.

Discover five reasons why ProTeam offers a competitive advantage


43% more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum


Cost of ownership
Spend $124 less a year to maintain a ProTeam backpack


Less than half the energy and effort to clean the same area as an upright


Cleaning for Health
Partners w/ the American Lung Association for healthier air


Committed to reducing energy consumption and waste

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Cordless. Efficient. Fast.

With ProTeam’s cordless GoFree® Flex Pro II, experience longer run times, lighter weight and a high / low power switch for greater efficiency.

High / Low Power Switch - Conserve runtime by tackling routine cleaning on low, then switch to high for deep cleaning.

Go Anywhere - Lightweight cordless vacuums set you free from restrictions. Without the potential tripping hazard of a cord, vacuuming is safer and easier.

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