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Envoy Solutions is aligned with all the top void fill equipment manufacturers in the industry. Between paper, air pillows, bubble on-demand, and cohesive automated equipment, we have a protective packaging solution for any application.

Protective packaging equipment table top bubble wrap machine

Protective Packaging Solutions for Any Applications

Paper void fill dispensers are a cost-effective way to protect your products. We offer machines that create differently shaped paper padding that gets inserted into your cases. This padding can cushion, block, and brace nearly any shape and weight of the product.

Our large selection of inflatable air pillow systems produces air-filled films on demand. Air pillow packaging provides a soft cushion for your products to ensure there is no damage during the shipping process. And, since air pillows are smaller before inflation, you can save on space and labor.

Bubble wrap packaging machines can be used in pretty much any application. They provide versatile void fill that will absorb shock and cushion your product to prevent shipping damage. The equipment we offer can dispense different sizes and strengths of bubble wrap on demand.

For cohesive automated equipment, we offer a cold seal system that efficiently packages items of any length. A variety of add-ons and optional features are available to meet your specific protective packaging needs.

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