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We offer a diverse selection of water-activated tape dispensers and gummed tape dispensers to meet your packaging and shipping needs. Our extensive inventory of tapes is designed to facilitate the seamless operation of your packaging process.


Add Reliability to Securing Your Shipments

Water-activated tape (WAT) can also be called gummed tape, gum tape, kraft tape, or paper tape. It offers a series of improvements over regular pressure-sensitive tape:

  • Anti-pilferage – Water-activated tape is tamper-evident to prevent theft. Once the tape is removed from a carton, it cannot be resealed without clear evidence of tampering.
  • Security – This rugged tape can be applied in dusty, dirty, hot, or cold environments and still be reliable.
  • Sustainability – Water-activated tape is fully recyclable.
  • Brand image – Electric gum tape dispensers can have the added feature of applying key information or branding to any package.

The gummed tape dispensers We offer a rugged and reliable way to secure your packages. Our manual machines have 15 preset tape lengths that dispense as the operator pulls a lever. If you’re doing less than 100 cases per shift, we suggest using a manual machine.

If you’re sealing more than 100 cases per shift, we suggest using an electric machine. Electric gummed tape dispensers can operate at speeds of 45 inches of tape per second. They are meant for high-volume, rapid shipping environments.

Find Out What Tape Dispensers Are Right For Your Packaging Needs!