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Enter an Era of Intelligent Cleaning


When the effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency of your cleaning program are all equally important, the Nilfisk Robotic Floorcare portfolio helps you maximize all three.

By successfully integrating arrays of 3D, 2D, infrared, and depth sensors within high-performance scrubber dryers, Nilfisk has elevated floorcare to new levels of cleaning capability and reliability.


How Does Nilfisk Robotics Work?


Precision and agility for the most complex layouts


Simplicity and productivity
in a large-scale solution


Intelligent flexibility to
match your objectives

Cleaning modes that make the difference:


CopyCat™ replicates a designated cleaning path with exact precision, allowing you to dictate where and how you want your Liberty machine to clean.


Fill-In (Liberty SC50) lets you implement robotic cleaning the fastest way possible – no pre-mapping or programming required. Just trace a room’s perimeter and the interior
space will be cleaned without any further assistance.


Multi-Plan (Liberty SC60) allows you to link and assign up to six pre-recorded cleaning plans per designated location. Once a job is finished, the Liberty SC60 will begin the next, minimizing interaction requirements while still optimizing productivity.


Manual gives you complete control over movement and cleaning functions, allowing you
to use your Liberty machine as a scrubber dryer for ad hoc tasks.


Redefining the Way the World Cleans

Contract Cleaning

In an industry where targets are more stringent than ever, the Nilfisk Robotic Floorcare portfolio delivers intelligent consistency and reliable results every time. 

Supermarkets, Shopping Centers and Airports

The Liberty SC50 and SC60 are both well-equipped to address the cleaning requirements of indoor spaces with complex or complicated layouts. 

Warehousing, Logistics and Light Industries

The most dynamic environments, with the highest traffic, demand the smartest solutions for safe, efficient floorcare. 

Healthcare and Education

In spaces where hygiene and operational safety are top priorities for the sake of students and teachers or patients and personnel, Liberty solutions uphold or exceed the toughest standards. 

Nilfisk Equipment Service
Supporting your success the smart way!


Full-scope coverage to
safeguard fleet


Flat-fee, all-inclusive
maintenance and repairs


Highly skilled technicians
trained and certified by Nilfisk


Digital solutions for
performance monitoring
and reporting


Constant connectivity and proactive response to
maximize uptime


24-48 hour response time anywhere in the world

Lead with intelligent cleaning to make your business smarter! Talk to us today!