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KleenLine Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems

Add a touch of class to your facility with refreshing, spa-quality foam soap formulations that people love!

Whether you choose manual, touch-free, or our new touch-free systems powered by energy that’s right on the refill (a coin cell battery that’s integrated into each refill), your maintenance team will appreciate the advanced features that make maintenance a breeze.


Choose the system that's right for you.

Three new systems are built for reliability and high performance.


KleenLine Manual Foam Handwash Dispenser - Durable and reliable push-style systems. Reliable performance and easy to maintain.


KleenLine No-Touch Foam Handwash Dispenser - Touch-free systems built for reliable performance and maintenance ease.


KleenLine NRG™ No-Touch Foam Handwash Dispenser - Touch-free with energy-on-the-refill plus the ability to add communication.

KleenLine NRG™ foam handwash dispensers

When you choose the new KleenLine NRG Foam Handwash Dispensers, you’re getting the most advanced technology available in a touch-free system. Imagine never having to change out batteries because they are included on every refill!

Easy to Pair Dispensers with Refills - Labels inside the dispensers match labels on the refill, so it’s easy to match the correct dispenser and refill.

  1. Lock Option - Easily convert to a locking system and prevent pilferage.
  2. Sleek Front Window Make it easy to see when dispensers need service.
  3. Contemporary Design A variety of color options to match any decor.
  4. Communication Capability Optional plug-in modules (when available) let you add service alerts or other upgrades as technology evolves in the future.
  5. Breakthrough KleenLine NRG™ Energy on the Refill Technology Each new refill comes with its own energy source – a coin cell battery that’s integrated into the refill. When you replace the empty refill, you get fresh product and fresh energy in one simple step. Back-up power inside the dispenser provides added assurance of high performance — even with extreme high-frequency use.
  6. Easy Recycling and Disposal PET bottle and refill components are easy to disassemble, including the removal of the battery.

KleenLine NRG™

What Does “Battery-On-The-Refill” Technology Mean?

Battery-on-the-refill technology means that each time a soap refill is replaced, a fresh new battery is included. Each new refill comes with its own energy source, a coin cell battery that’s integrated into the refill! When the empty soap refill is replaced, fresh new soap and fresh new energy are added with one simple step.


Step 1: WASH

With KleenLine Foam Handwash Dispensing Systems. Learn more...


Step 2: DRY

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