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How Much Should It Cost To Clean This Building?

Envoy Solutions can help you compare your costs and performance to the best in class. Using the analysis, you will be able to develop strategies to close gaps.

Hunches and intuition have their place, but when it comes to cleaning costs, knowing the facts leads to smarter decisions. Here are the facts:

  • Cleaning costs are the largest maintenance and operating budget item
  • Cleaning costs are driven by labor
  • Labor accounts for up to 80% of cleaning costs
  • Understanding labor costs is the key to cost control
  • Workloading determines the number of labor hours needed to clean a facility and is the best way to establish cleaning costs

For facility management professionals, workloading is the best available tool to strike a balance between cost and quality.



The KleenLine Pro Staffing Calculator takes the complexity out of workloading and is a simple, flexible, and professional tool to help analyze your cleaning operation to save labor, materials, and money.

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