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Welcome to a New Age of Nearly Zero Waste & Virtually Jam-Free Design

The new enMotion® Flex Paper Towel System is here to make things a little easier. Its Dual Roll Auto Switch Technology® consumes the smallest roll first and allows for nearly 100% utilization of each roll before it switches to the roll on standby. The result is NEARLY ZERO WASTE. The intuitive design of enMotion® Flex makes it easy to train custodial staff—and helps make refilling easy. One set of batteries dispenses for 4 years on average, helping reduce the need for maintenance.


A Towel-Every-Time Dependability

  • Empty Roll Auto Switch Technology® virtually wipes out jams and run-outs and make users happy with a towel every time
  • Whisper-quiet dispenser makes an elegant statement, loud and clear.
  • Fully enclosed rolls and one-at-a-time dispensing helps reduce cross-contamination
  • From the brand that delivers 97% customer satisfaction1
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty and replaceable chassis to simplify service and drive value

Game-Changing Efficiency

  • Auto-feed grabs and guides towels. A Clean Team’s dream
  • Refilling guesswork is gone. A stand-by roll means jams are just a memory
  • 200+ rolls run on just 1 set of batteries based on continuous dispensing in a typical office environment
  • From the brand that delivers 99.9% jam-free dispensing

Revolutionary Waste Reduction

  • Dual roll auto-switch technology means one roll is consumed up to 100% before the dispenser auto-switches to the other. The result is nearly zero waste
  • Controlled dispensing can help reduce waste by up to 30% compared to standard GP PRO folded towels2

A Roll is Always on Stand-By So Your Custodians Don't Have to Be


of enMotion® customers are satisfied

Source: CPT-18-1741


of people say having enMotion® paper towel systems improves their perception of public restrooms

Source: CPT-18-1829

A New Level of Performance, Intuitive Design, and Elegance for
a Premium Restroom Experience

Recessed Flex

Features an attractive stainless finish with an elegant built-in design

Flex Wall Mount

A convenient wall-mount model with a sleek and durable finish

Flex Mini

Ideal for space constraints, this smaller profile 1-roll model packs in all the same innovation

1 GP PRO Proprietary Research: CPT-18-1741 (Average Since 2007)
2 GP PRO Proprietary Research: CPT-19-3868

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