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Are you frustrated with your equipment not working
when you need it?

Envoy Solutions not only distributes janitorial equipment, but we also help clients maintain and repair equipment so it is ready to run when you need it. We understand the cost of having equipment out of service. We can help keep your equipment up and running whether you have one piece of equipment or one hundred. 

Envoy Solutions has partnered with the Cleaning Equipment and Parts company as a resource for our customers to access manuals, replacement parts, equipment, batteries, and more. Click here to get started.

Planned Maintenance Programs

Janitorial cleaning equipment is vital to any organization for keeping facilities clean and people healthy. Planned maintenance is designed to improve the life of the equipment to maximize productivity and prevent costly downtime.

Parts & Accessories

We carry an extensive selection of parts & accessories from trusted vendor partners to keep your machines running reliably at maximum capacity to achieve peak performance. Our platform, via a key vendor partner, offers a streamlined ordering process for procuring the right parts at your convenience.

Equipment Service & Repair

Rely on our factory-trained, certified technicians to repair and service your equipment to track and eliminate potentially costly guesswork. Click the button below to request service now.

Partnering with the BEST

We partner with the industry's most innovative and respected suppliers for both parts and equipment.


Ready to experience the power of runtime, uninterrupted?

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