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A busy packaging warehouse with icons with mapping showing various touchpoints for processing


Packaging Industry Trends: What to Expect in 2024

The packaging industry is at a pivotal juncture, poised to address the demands of an increasingly digital world while simultaneously innovating to provide more sustainable packaging solutions in the years ahead. Learn more about key trends expected to shape the packaging landscape in 2024. 


A female worker pre-assembled boxes of donated food at the Foodshare Bamberg with play button in the center


Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Auto-load Boxes 'A Game Changer' for Efficient Assembly

Access to fresh produce isn't a given for everyone, especially in Bamberg, SC, where there are no grocery stores, creating a true food desert. To meet the increasing demand for fresh produce, Foodshare Bamberg stepped in to fill the gap in collaboration with SEPG to streamline their packaging process to improve distribution efficiency.

A scene of the airport showing clean floor with chairs and glass wall windows showing a plane taking off


Prepare for Takeoff! An Airport's Success with Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply chain disruption can bring operational challenges, especially for 24/7 facilities like the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Facing delays with a previous contractor and then equipment specs, Envoy Solutions stepped in to save the day. Read more.

An image collage of facility winter readiness, floorcare vacuuming, surface disinfecting, ice melting and hand hygiene


Facility Care Tips to Stay Safe & Healthy During the Winter Months

Let the winter winds blow – we've got you covered! Here are tips for the winter facility maintenance protocols designed to weather the storm, ensuring a secure and comfortable space for everyone. Let's embrace the winter with confidence!

A wait staff tending holiday catering placement for holiday party for foodservice


Mastering Holiday Catering: Tips for a Season of Stress-Free Celebration

Discover essential tips for successful holiday catering, whether you're hosting corporate events, catering year-end celebrations, or providing on-the-go holiday meals. Master the art of navigating the bustling catering season stress-free.

A housekeeping staff cleaning the hotel room with caution wet floor sign in front of the hotel room


Put Your Best Foot Forward! Cleaning Solutions to Impress Travelers & Tourists

Get holiday-ready! 
Here are pro tips for facility managers to sync up with travel trends to boost efficiency in cleaning operations and create a lasting visitor impression to drive repeat visits. 

A robotic floor scrubber running in the commercial building lobby


Hello, Facility Care Team. Meet Your New Best Friend: The Robotic Scrubber

Facing staffing shortages since the pandemic, Nellson Nutraceutical turned to innovation to keep operations running smoothly. They introduced robotic scrubbers to address labor challenges, and the results are remarkable!

Soap refill for dispensers
Hand Hygiene Series Part II

Can Bulk Soap Dispensers Be Contaminated? Explore the Benefits of Sanitary Sealed Soap

Proper handwashing is crucial for good health, but not all soap dispensers are equal. Discover a safer solution for cleaner hands and reduced contamination and labor costs.

A mother and young daughter washing hands with soap in the sink together
Hand Hygiene Series Part I

The Important Role of Handwashing to Protect Yourself from COVID-19, Flu and RSV

Whether you like it or not, the season of sniffles and sneezes is upon us, and proper handwashing can make a world of difference. Let's remind ourselves of the crucial role hand hygiene plays in keeping us all safe and healthy. Read more!

A warehouse worker inspecting sport shirt with sports warehouse customer story in text

Let's Get Moving! Packaging Automation to Ramp Up Efficiency

Join us on a journey to Alpharetta, GA, where we'll explore how SEPG, An Envoy Solutions Company, assisted Sports Warehouse, a specialized sports equipment retailer, in streamlining their packaging and shipping processes for maximum efficiency, where the key to success is all about "speed."

A wok tossing seafood and vegetables in over kitched flame

Watch Out! Steps to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Safe from Hazards

Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment is crucial for a successful foodservice business. That's why we've collaborated with our experts to bring you the top kitchen safety rules every restaurant should follow.

A female holding a phone with food delivery app open showing a burger

Food on the Move: Delivering Freshness to Your Customer's Front Door

As the take-out and mobile delivery trend continues to grow, keeping the food warm, safe, and secure during delivery is crucial for customer satisfaction. Here are some strategies that food providers can use to ensure food safety.

A person with a tape gun sealing a shipping box

No More Sticky Situations! Your Guide to Choosing the Right Packaging Tape

When it comes to tape application, whether for long or short-term storage, shipping, or industrial equipment, it can be challenging to determine what's best for you. Let's review some basic terminology to understand tapes that can help you with sticky situations.

A sign says cleaning in progress with a janitor cleaning floor with a scrubber in the background.

Adapting to New Challenges in the Cleaning Industry

The facility maintenance community strives to adapt quickly to ever-shifting requirements impacting their daily operations while ensuring healthy, safe, and clean facilities. Here’s what you need to know to keep your staff operating at the highest level.


Movies & Concerts & Stadiums - Oh My! Food Packaging for the Post-Pandemic Spending Surge

With a post-pandemic consumer spending surge at theatres, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to food packaging at concession stands.  


The Essential Summer Cleaning Checklists for Schools

Clean and bright flooring and carpeted surfaces not only make a great first impression but can help prevent the spread of contaminants, improve student and staff safety, and extend the overall life of your school floors. 


Why Eatertainment is a Fast-Growing Restaurant Industry Trend

Consumers are looking for newer and more exciting ways to spend their time, especially after the long isolation of the pandemic. Eatertainment may just be the trend to satisfy the urge!


Beat the Heat! Packaging to Protect Your Products

Why is cold storage packaging important? What options are out there? How do I decide what packaging is right for me? We've got the answers, so you can keep your heat-sensitive items at the temperature they should be.


If a Century-old Stadium Achieved Zero Waste, You Can Too

While fans cheer during football games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the stadium staff is celebrating a significant win off the field — its highest waste diversion rate ever!

mailers pinned to the cork board with recyclability statements

A Packaging Manager's Guide to Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

If you’re wondering why you should think ‘green’ inside and outside the box, look no further. Here's guidance on how your business can upgrade from traditional supplies to sustainable and eco-friendly products.


Four Steps to Improve Your K-12 Foodservice Operation

The stakes are high for school lunch programs. Fortunately, there are a few ways to improve productivity in your K-12 foodservice operation to keep students happy and healthy while improving your bottom line.


Floorcare Solutions for the Short-Staffed School Custodian

We understand that both cleaning and researching take valuable time for school custodians, especially given the labor shortages affecting school staffing across the country. See how we can help.


Meet the Growing Demand for 3PL in 2023

Demand for 3PL providers is booming with today’s growing consumer expectations. Higher demand for services means your supply chain operation could be facing new challenges that don’t always have a clear solution. 


Wildfire Aftermath: How to Improve Air Quality as the Dust Settles

For facility managers, there are several critical steps to reduce exposure to smoke particles and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) at your facility.


Sustainable Packaging 101

Choosing eco-friendly packaging can positively impact your operations and public perception of your products.



Sustainable Packaging for Luxury Brands

Going green can be easier said than done. Luxury brands, specifically, may have some reservations about switching to eco-friendly packaging. 



The Facility Manager's Guide to Sustainability

The effort to conserve our planet's natural resources has become a massive part of our lives, especially regarding facility management.


What is the Difference Between Compostable and Biodegradable?

Biodegradable vs. compostable; what do each of those terms mean, and is one better than the other?

Green cleaning supplies

Environmental Impact of Cleaning Products

We all want to live and work in healthy, clean, and well-maintained spaces. Cleaning products helps in that pursuit.


Is Technology Taking Over the Kitchen?

Have you heard of an automated, robot-operated omelet station? Who’s behind some of these tech advances?

How Touch-Free Technology Can Improve Restroom Cleanliness

Increased demand for keeping areas clean and occupants healthy has called for FMs to re-strategize and incorporate enhanced technology.

two people walking in a large distribution center

Why the Design of Your Distribution Center is Important

An ideal warehouse and distribution center work efficiently and help operations with minimal delays. 


Top Trends in Smallwares

As food and beverage trends ebb and flow through our kitchens, so do tabletop trends. Let’s zoom in on the top trends in service ware.


Top 4 Ways Companies Waste Money on Packaging

Controlling packaging costs while getting the quality, service, and product guarantees your company relies on is a common theme across all organizations.


The Evolution of How Floor Finishes Became More Green

New green floor finishes create a more durable, scuff-resistant finish and achieve the same results as the high-quality traditional floor finish.