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Our Communities

At Envoy Solutions, we strive to improve the quality of life for our people, make a positive impact on our planet, and champion important causes for the communities we serve.

National Initiatives

We believe in being stewards of our community and ensuring a clean, healthy, and sustainable world for all. As a national platform, we support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, lead an Adopt-a-School program in our local markets, and promote sustainable business practices.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Envoy Solutions and all our regional companies join the fight against breast cancer each year by supporting this nationwide campaign involving more than 150 cancer walks organized by the American Cancer Society. Ahead of the cancer walks, our regional companies fundraise at the local level raising thousands of dollars across the U.S.

Breast cancer has the highest incidence rate in the U.S. This year, nearly 300,000 people, mostly women, will receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Despite a high incident rate, it’s possible for breast cancer to have a low mortality rate if it’s detected early. That’s why our family of brands is joining this important cause to raise awareness about breast cancer.


We strive to have a positive impact on our world and on the communities where we do business. Adopt-a-School is a great opportunity to be a force for good because schools are an important part of our communities but are often under-resourced.

We’re excited to share that, as part of our national Adopt-a-School campaign, our regional companies have adopted more than 22 schools from coast to coast. We helped our adopted schools through donations and by volunteering time to clean school buildings inside and out.


We are committed to being a leader to promote responsible business practices in the communities we serve. Our team has already taken steps to enhance our sustainability efforts, including converting several facilities to receive energy from solar panels and transitioning to LED lighting at some buildings to be more energy efficient. 

In the future, we are looking for additional ways to advance our sustainability efforts, including for truck deliveries by experimenting with alternative fuel vehicles and changing routes to reduce idling in traffic, as well as being mindful of carbon emissions and the amount of waste we generate.

We are also taking steps to integrate our sustainability goals with our parent company, FEMSA, which is participating in the Sustainability Index in the Dow Jones Industrial.

Community Building

Our family of companies share the value of giving back to our local communities. In addition to our national initiatives, each of our businesses across the U.S. support their local communities in various ways. Here are just a few ways we give back to the places in which we do business:



We strive to drive out hunger in communities of all sizes by helping feed families through stocking food pantries, volunteering at food kitchens, participating in large community-wide food drives, building meal kits bi-annually, and delivering holiday meals.



We are committed to making sure people have basic necessities at the most difficult times in their lives. We donate clothing to domestic violence shelters for women and children to bring comfort and joy, especially during the holidays.



We help children in need by donating toys to military families, participating in holiday toy drives, partnering with our vendors to collect toy donations, and providing resources for kids at domestic violence shelters.



We raise money for a wide range of important causes by participating in nationwide cancer walks to fight breast cancer, collecting money for a bone marrow and blood stem cell registry, making donations for Earth Day and Ukrainian relief efforts, and raising money for life-saving research and critical patient and family support services.



We volunteer to improve the lives of families and communities. That includes everything from cleaning up trash on local highways to donating money to support families affected by autism as well as supporting charities that provide learning opportunities for underserved students.

The Envoy Solutions Way Values Recognition Program

Our culture is reflected in our values: Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Growth Orientation, Social Responsibility, Accountability, and Agility. We celebrate those who are living out the Envoy Solutions Values in their work and in their lives through a quarterly peer-to-peer recognition program. For each winner, we donate $500 to their charity of choice. Nominate someone today for next quarter.

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