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Here at Envoy Solutions, your business is important to us. Whether you're brand-new to the Envoy family or a seasoned customer getting adjusted to our new platform, you can find everything you need to know here. We've included video tutorials, guides, and everything in-between to make sure you're comfortable with our process.

For more information download our Quick Reference Guide - Click Here

Getting Started

How do I prevent my shopping session from timing out?

We have a great feature that can greatly enhance your shopping experience on It's called the "Remember Me" option. By checking off the "Remember Me" button when logging in, you'll be able to save your username and password.

This convenient feature ensures that when you return to our site, you'll automatically be logged in, without the need to enter your credentials each time. *Without this option, you are automatically logged out after just 15 minutes of inactivity, which can interrupt your shopping flow and require frequent login repetitions.

By utilizing the "Remember Me" option, you'll expedite the ordering process, as you won't have to go through the login steps every time you visit. It streamlines your shopping journey, enabling you to browse our extensive product selection and complete your purchase more efficiently.

So, make sure to take advantage of this feature and click the "Remember Me" button when signing in. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience, swift transactions, and avoid the inconvenience of frequent logouts.

What is the new website address?

The new e-commerce site can be found at

How do I login to my account?

You can login to your account by going to the following page on the website:

How do I set up my account?

Your account has already been setup and migrated, however, you will need to go to this page on the site and go through the ‘Forgot Password’ process:

How do I order from multiple ship-to locations?

After you login, at the very top of every page, there will be a drop down menu that let’s you see what your current ship-to location is, and let you select a different one.

Changing these will update pricing (if applicable) on the site as well as the pre-populated fields within the checkout process.


Customer Portal

How do I view my order and invoice history?

You can view your order and invoice history in a couple of ways:

The first and easiest is to click on ‘Order History’ at the top of every page of the site.

The second, is by clicking on ‘My Account’ at the top of every page of the site and navigating to ‘Orders’ in the left-hand menu.


How do I view and manage my Lists/ Order Guides/ NPL?

Viewing and Managing Lists/Order Guides/NPL's:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the "Order Guide" tab on the main navigation.
  • Hover over the tab to reveal a dropdown with all Lists/Order Guides/NPL's.
  • Click on "View All Catalogs" to manage all Lists/Order Guides/NPL's.
  • Lists with order history are available for viewing and cannot be edited.

Editing/Managing an Existing Catalog:

  • Click "View" in the right-hand margin to access the catalog you want to edit.
  • Add items through categories or the search navigation in the header.
  • Use the "ADD TO CATALOG" button to add items to the desired list.
  • Delete items using the "X" button next to the product photo.
  • Deleted items can be re-added via Order History, categories, or the search bar.

 Creating a New List/Order Guide/NPL:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the "Order Guide" tab and click on "View all Catalogs."
  • Click the blue "ADD CATALOG" button in the mid-upper left corner.
  • Name and description of your new List/Order Guide/NPL.
  • Click the blue "ADD" button to create and add the new list to the catalog.

Adding Items to a New List/Order Guide/NPL:

  • Utilize the Order History for a faster sourcing process.
  • On the "View All Catalogs" page, click on the View button for Order History.
  • Use the "ADD TO CATALOG" button to add items directly to the new List/Order Guide/NPL.
  • Explore other products through search or category navigation for additional additions.

How do I view my order history?

Customers now have the convenience of shopping from a comprehensive order guide layout that presents a historical list of items previously ordered, allowing for seamless browsing and ordering.

For company assigned lists/order guides, click on ‘Saved Lists’ at the top of every page of the site. The second, is by clicking on ‘My Account’ at the top of every page of the site and navigating to ‘Lists’ within ‘Company Account’ in the left-hand menu.

For personally created lists/order guides, click on ‘Saved Lists’ at the top of every page of the site. You can also click on ‘My Account’ at the top of every page of the site and navigating to ‘Lists’ within ‘My Account’ in the left-hand menu.


Account Management

How do I change account name, language, address, and email address?

Click on ‘My Account’ at the top of every page of the site, click your company name/email shown in the top of the left-hand menu, and select ‘Preferences’ or ‘Profile’ (both take you to the same page)

How can I manage employee accounts and permissions?

Click on ‘My Account’ at the top of every page of the site, and then click on ‘Employees' from the left-hand menu. From here you can add employees, remove employees, and edit their permissions by clicking the right arrow next to their name.


How do I set budgets and spending limits?

Within the ‘Employees’ menu in the customer portal, there is an entry where you can setup limits to your employee’s accounts, or allow or not allow them to even submit orders.


How do I enable my account for an order approver via company manager?

Set Up Order Approval Process:
  • Ensure your account is configured for an "Order Approval Process."
  • If you're the account admin, confirm setup with the Ecommerce team.
Permissions for Employees:
  • Navigate to "My Account" and go to "Employees."
  • Manage users by assigning permissions.
  • Set individual spending limits, typically $1.00, to trigger the approval workflow.
Permission Settings for Approval:
  • Under "Permissions," assign roles such as Checkout with Purchase Order/Credit Card/View Pricing.
  • Avoid assigning Company Admin to employees needing approval to prevent bypassing the process.

Admin Account Configuration:
  • On the admin account, set Spend Limit to 0 and permissions to Company Admin/Order Approver/Checkout with PO/Checkout with CC/View All Locations/View All Orders/View Pricing.

Workflow Process:
  • After setup, employees can submit orders for approval.
  • Orders won't proceed without approval from the designated account manager.

How do I approve an order for purchase?


Approval Notification:

  • Account managers receive email notifications for pending order approvals.

Approval Process:

  • Log in to "My Account" and select "Orders" from the left-hand menu.
  • Identify pending orders in the Status column.
  • Click on the order and use the "Approve Order" button at the top.
  • Repeat this process for each order submitted by employees.

Efficiency Tip:

  • Designate multiple users as order approvers to streamline the approval workflow.



How do I get back to the shopping website from the customer portal?

At the bottom of the left-hand menu, there is a button labeled ‘Back to Store’ that will take you back to the home page of the site.

How do I get back to the shopping website from the customer portal?


Search & Navigation

How do I search and navigate the site with a SKU, Product ID, or Name of a product?

Click into the search bar and begin typing. There is an autocomplete function of search that will produce recommended products based on the number or text you enter.

You can hit enter, click the search glass icon, or click on one of the recommended products to be taken to results or the direct product clicked.

Can I filter or sort my results?

Yes! When viewing a navigation or search results page, you can use the left-hand menu to filter your results by certain attributes we have available (and more getting added daily).

To sort, you can click the sort drop down at the top of these pages to select to sort by a few different options.

Can I add items to my cart from search or navigation pages?

Yes! You can choose quantity and add to cart directly from a search or navigation page.

Can I add items to a new or existing list/order guide from search or navigation pages?

Yes! You can click ‘add to list’ on any product tile to be given the option of adding to an existing list (company or personal) or to create and add to a new list.

How do I access SDS or other documentation?

Click into the ‘Resources’ tab within the details of the product, and any related documents will be available to view or download.

How do I find and order custom-printed items specific to my business?

Custom items that are tied to your account can be found by going to your saved lists in the customer portal, or they can be found by clicking into 'Shop by Category' and selecting the 'My Catalog' button.

Custom items are only found in these two methods and are not found in normal search results or category pages


Can I remove products from my cart?

Yes! There is a ‘Remove’ button next to each line item in the cart. Subsequestly there is also a ‘Clear Cart’ button at the bottom, as well as a ‘Save For Later’ button that will save your entire cart within the 'orders screen in my account to pickup where you left off.

Can I add notes to the order or to individual items?

Yes! If you want to add a note to each line item you can click the ‘add a note’ button above the quantity selector to add a line item note.

You can add an order note at the very bottom if you wish to add something that applies to the whole cart.

How do I enter my billing and shipping information?

Depending on the account you’ve selected to shop for at the top of every page, this information should pre-populate with the billing and shipping information of the location.

How do I change the shipping address?

You can search for a shipping address location that is tied to the account you are logged into, or you can change the location at the very top of every page.

Can I select my delivery date?

The delivery date will be the same day of the week you are currently enrolled for. Post-launch we will be adding the ability to select a different calendar day up to weeks in advance.

Can I request a Will Call/Warehouse Pickup?

Yes! When you get to the delivery and payment screen you will need to decide whether you want to have it delivered or want to do Will Call. 

If you wish to pick your order up, you'll need to select Will Call button, select your nearest warehouse, and the requested date for your pickup. 

How do I pay with a PO?

On the final checkout screen, there is a place to put in a PO number.

How do I place an order?

Once all of the checkout information has been entered, on the final page of the checkout process there will be a ‘Place Order’ button.

Will I get an order confirmation after my purchase?

Yes! After placing your order, you will be taken to an order confirmation page on the site, as well as receive one in your email. Once the order has been processed, you will receive an invoice and shipping notifications.

Don't see your question?

Fill out the form to get in touch with our customer service team so we can get you back on track as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

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